PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly

DALIAN JY  produces your products that require surface mount, through hole, BGA and mixed technology. We listen and take care of your requirement from the quotation stage through component procurement, assembly, testing, packing and shipping. All of your products will be produced in our ISO certificated manufacture. We take your orders from prototype to volume production. For us, every order is worth of our ongoing hard working and meticulous attention. Efficiency, cheaper price and best quality are our promise because we believe they are what you are looking for.

Assembly Capacity
Our assembly production line can finish about 5,000,000 points everyday.

We have Panasonic Auto-assembly machine from Japan to do normal SMD components. In the meanwhile, we have professional technology team to make Pick & Place file for you, even you don’t have that file, we can make one for you , to save you more time and trouble.

Through hole
We have Wave Soldering Machine for all THD components solder for volume. For prototype, we will use hand to solder.

For BGA, we can do 0.5mm at most. 

For BGA, we can do 0.5mm at most. 
0201 component
You see, we can do at most 0201 components for you. That’s the smallest parts in this field.

‧Conformal Coating 

We can burn program to many kinds of chip from Atmel, STM, etc.
And after assembly, normally we will test the function of the whole PCBA for our clients.

‧100% AOI inspection

‧Box build 
Except for the PCB Assembly, we can also offer Box build service.


‧Components Examination
Every component will be under carefully examination after they arrive to our storage.
We have many examination machines.

‧PCBA Examination
Not only we can offer free visual examination for all the soldering questions, but also we will exam the function of the whole PCBA with the test fixture provided from our customers.

Anti-static bag for all the finished PCBA and 5 layer corrugated box, 100% security for your goods.

‧Employee Training
We have many trainings everything to improve our workers capacity, and in this way, 
We can offer more guarantee to your goods.


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