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What is the quickest Turnkey PCB Service

 Turnkey PCB , that is the customer delivers all the information to the factory, and the factory assembles the finished product directly to the customer, and the customer only needs to perform the test after completion.Turnkey PCB Assembly service help you to save time & cost and ensure the consistent result than dealing with multiple vendors or suppliers. 

 1.Let us first explain the meaning of PCB circuit board design. PCB circuit board design, which is based on the circuit schematic diagram, realizes the functions required by the circuit designer. In short, it optimizes the layout of internal and external electronic components according to the layout design.

 2.Turnkey PCB provides customers with integrated circuit board assembly manufacturing solution services. Through the process of PCB circuit board manufacturing, electronic component procurement, SMT chip processing, etc., it really reduces the comprehensive cost of personnel, warehousing, logistics, etc., greatly shortens and reduces the risk and cycle of the supply chain, and quickly seizes the market for customers. Created more powerful conditions
  3.New to Prototype PCB Assembly?
 Designing the layout and requirements for a prototype are only the first step in PCB development. Once the design has been completed and hopefully analyzed using PCB Layout/Design software tools, assembly of the prototype board is the
next step. Many engineers turn to third party vendors for the fabrication of the printed circuit board and assembly – even prototypes of very few quantities.
  Why is out-sourcing becoming even more prevalent for PCB assembly? PCB boards are rapidly evolving in the application of technology in assembling and mass-producing the end product. Such requirements as multi-layer fabrication, high-
density interconnect boards (HDI), laser direct imaging (LDI), and manufacturing utilizing flex or flex-rigid materials has made in-house fabrication even for prototypes an expensive proposition.
Most PCB designers do not have such fabrication capabilities at their immediate disposal and turn to assembly and manufacturing experts to transform their prototype PCB designs into working boards.

 4.What Does a PCB Prototype Assembler Need?
Before a PCB assembler can turn the prototype design into a working product, most need a full complement of information related to the project:
(1)Gerber files
(2)Number of prototypes required (often multiple prototypes are needed for various test cases)
(3)Bill of Material (BOM) documenting the full list of materials that are required
(4)Any special manufacturing requirements (surface mount technology, through hole, single or double-sided, multi-layer, lead free assembly, substrate materials, etc)
(5)Timeline required for the turn-around of the project
With this information, prospective PCB assemblers can generate a quote for their services, and can also determine if the time requirements can be met.

5.What are the benefits of Turnkey PCB assembly?
(1) Turnkey PCB saving time
There are many reasons why hardware designers are excited about the new opportunities that come with Turnkey PCB assembly. Old-fashioned PCB manufacturing methods do not take speed into account. Designers often take a long wait to find out how much their order will cost. This is not the case with modern Turnkey PCB assemblies. After uploading the design file to the supplier's website, our sales will immediately give you the cost of the order. You can order, track and report online.
 (2) Prototype 
Making your first prototype is traditionally a very expensive and slow process. Keeping in touch with multiple suppliers around the world, shortening lead times and out-of-stock parts seems overwhelming. Turnkey PCB assembly allows you to prototype more efficiently by providing these services to you. Iterating your product quickly and economically has never been easier.
 (3) Order 1 or 100,000, a Turnkey PCB assembly manufacturer has a system that combines many small orders into one large operation. Once your design is perfect, your Turnkey PCB assembly partner will be happy to produce it in the quantity you need. You can keep the same partners as your business growth, saving communication time and frustrating situations when switching to a new CM.
 (4) One supplier management
 The Turnkey PCB approach to printed circuit board manufacturing means you don't have to worry about managing multiple vendors. This is especially beneficial if the supplier will assemble your final product. Frustration, poor communication and delays are now a thing of the past.
 (5) Product assembly, inventory and transportation services
 Top PCB manufacturers also offer final product assembly, inventory and shipping services. You can transport components and materials, view inventory, and build complex products, all without touching the box or counting reels. Some vendors even offer APIs to integrate with your ERP or e-commerce solutions. When a customer places an order, it ships directly from the manufacturer without any hassle.
 6.Advantages of custom Turnkey PCB service
 (1) Professional solutions, to have the ability to provide professional solutions, customize the PCB solution according to the user's individual needs, from theory to practice, help users implement and optimize the solution, so that the demand can be solved.
 (2) Customized production capacity, to have the custom production capacity of the product, from the design drawings to the docking of the products, to ensure that the PCB products can be delivered quickly and with high quality, and the user rights and interests are protected from damage.
 (3) Product delivery standards, to establish strict product delivery standards, from the raw material collection to technical applications, to custom production and environmental control quality inspection, each link must effectively guarantee the product's qualification rate and achieve high-quality products. Delivery
  Modern PCB fabrication is a wonderful marriage between online technology and streamlined manufacturing. With fewer barriers to creation, more innovative and higher quality products get to market faster. That’s a win-win for everyone.


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